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In one of those mid-afternoon conversations, with a glass of wine in one hand and good company, we realized that all of us are very lucky. Particularly so with respect to the people and resources to which we have access, and which make us better professionals every day.

For us, knowledge is the basis for growth, both personally and in society. Thus, we decided to share our experiences through a regular podcast, Go4Leadership.
To make learning more effective and efficient we started the Go4Leadership Podcast to publicize knowledge related to leadership, self-management and emotional intelligence to help the development of executive leaders.

There will be 3 different sections:

1. Go4Leadership Interviews ®
There will be an impressive lineup of senior executives and managers with a high level of experiences to share. We will ask deep dive questions to make it a great experience.

2. Go4Leadership Books ®
As there is a lot of interesting literature available on the market it is also worthwhile to extract knowledge out of a book and learn from the key theme. We will give you short summaries of very popular leadership literature and share our views on it.

3. Go4Leadership Tools ®
Here we want to present concrete tools, methods, tips & tricks senior leaders are using when bringing their people together; craft and share a vision, unlock potential and facilitate growth.

We will get in all categories straight to the point so you can expect that the episodes last 15-20 minutes and have snackable content for your to bring you to the next level of Leadership.

Yes, you hear, we have a lot on our plate. We hope that you are now as excited as we are about the first regular edition of the Go4Leadership podcast. In the meantime, please feel free to write to us on LinkedIn and Twitter, leave us a favor there and recommend us to others. We’ll be back with the first regular edition very soon. Until then we wish you a nice and successful time and take care of yourself.

Daniel and Gerd

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